Why AG Desktop

Allan Gordon is a web developer who has a big interest in everything that revolves around the internet. This and his history of working in the online gambling industry made him develop the web directory.

He created AGDesktop so that all the valuable websites can be available from one location. Websites will need to pay a review fee for them to be listed in the website directory. AGDesktop helps websites increase their ranking on search pages by providing helpful backlinks that are useful to search engines. Through being listed on the web directory, websites can maintain their ranking on the website. Websites get SEO benefits through the inbound links provide by AGDesktop which is great especially if you have an anchored text title.

The web directory also helps people find their favorite websites easily instead of spending a lot of time going through the internet. The search engine is home to millions of websites. It is frustrating to a user when they have to go through numerous pages to get to the website they want. If they cannot get to that website when they want to, most often, the users look for other websites. That is not good for the website as it is losing traffic that is considered important.

Internet security has been a major concern for computer users, and AGDesktop knows that. As a result, websites can be assured that there will not be any suspicious websites on their page. Allan Gordon is a choosy person and will not put any website in his directory. Some of these sites are considered harmful. However, with AGDeskop, you can be sure that the websites there are safe to browse. He chooses the websites that are known to give a positive impact to other people. Through doing this, he ensures that the safety of his customers is always a priority.

There are different website categories to ensure there is organization when it comes to the sites. No one wants to have to sort through a bundle of websites to get the one they want. Allan Gordon knows this which is why AGDesktop was designed to have categories directing users to the location of the websites they need. Whether it is in social media, online shopping, or any other niche, AGDesktop has you covered.

When Allan Gordon made AGDesktop, he created it with an aim to help websites expand their reach and connect with their users easily which is exactly what the website does.