Our Top 5

Allan Gordon is picky when it comes to putting websites in his directory. However, even with his pickiness, you can be sure the man has his list of favorite websites. These are Allan Gordon’s top 5 websites and the reasons why they are ranked among the best.

Amazon has come a long way from a book selling the site to one of the largest online retail companies in the world. What makes the site rank in the top 5 of Allan’s list is that the site is well managed and there is a lot of focus on constant innovations. Most of their applications are towards the improvement of services to their customers.

They might have a lot of competition; however, they have always evolved with time to ensure their clients get the best products from their site. One amazing way is through the Amazon Flow application that allows customers to take pictures of products and they are automatically added to their cart.

Amazon has also diversified, and that has contributed to its success. Amazon initially started as an online bookstore. However, it has evolved to selling over 30,000 types of products, and they are still evolving with the market.

Everyone enjoys a movie night. One of the top sites when it comes to movies and series is Netflix. It is considered the best subscription plan since it is more affordable than satellite or cable TV. Netflix also gives its subscribers choices and lets them decide what they want to watch without having them worry about long commercials interfering with their programs.

Another fact that makes Netflix great is that it works with most media devices. You can also have multiple logins from the same account simultaneously. If you are enjoying a series, you will love Netflix since you can follow entire seasons instead of spending money on buying DVDs which is expensive.

The content on Netflix does not end, and you have access to movies and series you enjoyed when you were young. The technology Netflix uses keeps evolving, and with that, the customer experience continues improving.

Other than finding information, here are other things that make Google an awesome company. One is that it can interpret typos people make when typing. When you go to Google maps, you will notice how detailed they are. Google.com ensured that they are better than Google search which means you do not get lost again.

Also, if Google charged for its services, most people would not afford it. They give the best services to the world population without charging them. In the spirit of generosity, Google has generated many investors who have grown and helped create more startups. In its way, Google is contributing towards innovation.

Do not forget how much the company has spent in Energy Research. The company is trying to find out how solar and wind energy can be made viable again. These are just some of the things that make the company one of the best.

Crowdfunding is not an easy job, but Kickstarter has made things easier. Kickstarter is a great place for those who want their investment ideas to come true but lack the basic campaigning skills. Through Kickstarter, you can get the basic tips and guides necessary to create a successful crowd sourcing campaign.

The site has initiated many start up projects and helped entrepreneurs find financing for their projects. Entrepreneurs can get the skills they need to draft business plans, make a good presentation and get investors to support the project.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and here are some reasons why it is on Allan’s list. It provides a great avenue where people can socialize regardless of their location. You can make and send texts, and there are even video calls.

Businesses have been considered in the Facebook plan as they can also post their products and services and connect with their customers in a personal way. Through the site, websites can link back to their websites where the client can get more information on certain concepts.

You can also look at the work culture as Facebook is considered one of the best places to work. The company welcomes new talents and ideas. Customer service is the main priority, and any consumer data is handled with utmost care. The corporate culture is strong, and the employees are well taken care of ensuring they handle Facebook users in better ways.