About Allan Gordon

Allan Gordon is the founder and developer of AGDesktop. He was born and raised in London and continues living there. The company is based in London where Allan is located. Allan has always been interested in computers from a young age and took a liking in internet related issues. His passion led him to the world of website development. The drive and passion for computer software are what drove him into the online gambling industry.

Allan worked in the igambling industry for a while to accumulate capital as he felt he needed to do something more. He worked for several online gambling businesses including Slot Prince, Slots, and Stripes. Allan always believed in working hard to achieve what you want.

After accumulating the necessary resources, Allan resigned and created AGDesktop. The business is currently funded by his day job. Allan wants to make a difference in the world, and he saw an opportunity in the online realm. He notices a problem and wants to be a part of the solution.

One issue on the internet is that there are too many websites and people take time before their find their favorite sites. His solution to this is the making of AGDesktop, a website directory where websites can be listed. Users would have an easier time finding the websites they want and can have quick access to their favorites.

Businesses will need to pay a small amount of money for the service that will be beneficial to them. Considering all the benefits websites get for signing up with AGDesktop, the price is nothing compared to the returns they will get for investing in Him.

However, not any website can be listed on his site. Allan knows how unsafe the internet is and for that reason, he only lists websites that have a positive contribution to people. Allan Gordon sees a future where AGDesktop becomes the place to find several websites, and he is working hard to ensure his dream comes true.