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Welcome to AG Desktop

People are looking for new ways to connect with each other in the digital world. Goods and services are available online, and there is a need to bring all these great websites together in one place. Website directories are considered the Yellow Pages of websites. It brings us to the introduction of the AGDesktop.

AGDesktop is a website directory dedicated to connecting websites to their users. The founder of the company, Allan Gordon, is a web developer who is interested about everything concerning the internet. Allan saw that there was a need to have a website directory where all the favorite websites could be located making it easier for people to have access to them. The only thing website owners need to do is to pay a small fee and have their websites on the AGDesktop website.

Before starting the website directory, Allan worked in the online gambling industry where he worked with Slots, such as the Wild Swarm slot, Slot Prince and At these casino online ไทย you can play different of online casino spellen like roulette india 2019 or you can click on “speel gratis of voor echt geld op gokkasten” to play the slot machines for free or real money. Moreover, you will find bonuses, like the no deposit bonus 2019, which gives you a change to try out casino games without spending any money.
The money he got from igaming is what he used to start the website. His experience as a web developer and the online gambling industry has helped him know what websites need from a directory.

For websites, connecting with your followers is important to build our online presence. There are many ways businesses can do this, but the best option is to get listed on the AGDesktop start page. However, not all websites can get listed. Allan considers himself a picky person and will only have websites that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

There are many benefits for getting listed on AGDesktop. They include:

AGDesktop is highly targeted, and people will be referring to the website when looking for their favorites. People are constantly looking for avenues where they can locate all their favorite websites. By choosing to be in the website directory, you give your business the exposure you need.
The website directory was made for all kinds of users and is not limited to a specific niche. It is also available at all hours of the day meaning people who use the website always have access to yours if and when they need it.
It is an effective way of advertising your website. You will get returns on investment when you use the website directory. Since it is for websites, you will notice there will be an increased number when it comes to traffic to the website. Who does not want that?
Being in a website directory makes your business look professional in other users’ eyes. Looking professional will make users comfortable with your website that translates to more traffic. Users consider websites listed in a directory to be authoritative and dedicated to giving the best to their clients.
Website directories offer their customers SEO benefits. While they are advertising their website, your website will automatically come up. When users look at a website directory, they will see the name of your website. The SEO benefits will result in your website having a higher ranking on the search engines. The higher your website is on a search page; the more people are going to click on it.
Your business will also experience increased revenue levels since people who find your website are likely to visit it. They will buy products r services from you that will translate to higher profits.
When customers view your website through a website directory, it increases the chances of them remembering your brand. Website directories can make your business website stand out from the rest that improves your brand reputation. More people will recognize your brand that will translate into more sales and higher revenues.